Setting up an iTunes USA Account without a Credit Card

iTunes USA account – iTunes Gift Codes

Congratulations on the purchase of your new computer! Now, you are ready to download your favorite music, videos, movies and apps from iTunes with an iTunes USA account by using free iTunes gift codes!

After you take a glance at the iTunes US store, it appears that you need a credit card to download everything but apps. Whether or not you want apps does not matter. What you do want is a US iTunes account.

Here are the steps to help you set up an iTunes account without a credit card using iTunes Gift codes.

  1. Make sure you have the current version of iTunes up and running on your computer. If you do not have iTunes downloaded on your computer, you can get the latest version for free from the iTunes website.
  2. Next on your list, once the iTunes program is completely downloaded, is to select a country. For example, if you lived in the United States, you, of course, would choose United States as your country.
  3. An iTunes US Account has many benefits over other international iTunes stores (see post Learn about the USA iTunes Store – Benefits of an iTunes US Account).
  4. After selecting your country, you should now click on the “free apps” tab.
  5. Now you need to decide upon any one of the many free applications available via the US iTunes store.
  6. A description page will appear once you click on the app you have selected. From there you will click on the icon that says, “buy the app.” Now, a new window should appear on your screen.
  7. When that window opens, you’re in the secret vault; you can create your new account. While you might not need a valid credit card, you will need a valid email address to create your iTunes US account.
  8. If you do not have an email address, you must take the time to set up an email address before going any further in this process. You cannot activate your account until you confirm your email address.
  9. After your account has been verified, you can click “continue” to proceed to the next stage of the process. Soon you should be checking your email for a welcome message from iTunes.

Things To Remember While Making An Account

It is important you take the time and effort to read the terms of service so you will be familiar with all of the policies associated with this digital supplier. When you have completed reading the terms, be sure and click the box, attesting to the fact you agree with the terms of service and then click “continue” once more.

Here comes the portion of the registration where you should be asked to enter your payment details. Do not worry; there should not be a place which requires you to enter credit card information. Other payment alternatives should be listed on the page instead.

Under these options, you should find the option, “none.” Select “none” and fill in the information that is being requested. Once you have filled in all the required data, as always, click “continue” to move along on the road to iTunes. Later on, you can use iTunes Gift Codes to get store credit without a credit card (But don’t worry about that for now).

Next, you will receive another email from Apple. If it does not arrive soon, be sure and check your Spam or Bulk folder just in case, it got delivered there by mistake. Once you open your email, use the link that is given to activate your iTunes USA account.

Now go ahead and get some iTunes Gift Codes for your newly created iTunes USA account. After you redeem your iTunes Gift Codes, you will have full access to the largest online media retailer in the world through your own iTunes USA account 😉

Last Words

If you follow these instructions correctly, you should be up and explore all the wonders of iTunes in no time at all. Sure, it may have taken you a while to get to this point, but it will certainly be well worth it.

You have now been granted entry to one of the largest inventories of digital media in the world. With your iTunes USA account, you have the opportunity to experience digital entertainment at its finest.